It is one of the most esteemed jewellery laboratories in Milan that has been operating since 1980 thanks to the great competence of the Goldsmiths Giancarlo and Paolo Cazzaniga, two skillful masters who excel in the realization of the jewels that become real artistic objects in their hands. In fact, just like the artists, the goldsmiths of the Cazzaniga Nobili laboratory propose extremely prestigious creations and exhibit them in the shop showroom, located in the center of Milan, in Via Bartolomeo Eustachi, 32. All creations are made using both metals and gemstones, which are carefully selected to offer customers always a jewel of quality and rare splendor.


All the jewels created by the skilled hands of the goldsmiths in the laboratory are an art object created with the passion of those who love their work and are proud of their results and their beauty. Their goldsmith creations in fact manage to excite those who admire them and to give that sense of attraction to every jewel as it feels that it is made with love and skill, two essential components for the creation of an artistic object. It is precisely the effect that the goldsmiths of the Cazzaniga Nobili laboratory wish to obtain in order to offer their customers the possibility of owning an object not only precious, but unique and exclusive. In fact, every jewel produced by the laboratory is not only beautiful and precious, but it shows a value and a beauty that remain intact, indeed, rather increase with the passage of time. In every artistic piece created by the laboratory, always with great care and attention, above all to details, are enclosed the desires and expectations of the customer who is absolutely never disappointed, rather he remains enchanted and amazed in front of such a refined and perfect creation.