Cazzaniga Nobili

In the exhibition space located right in the heart of the city, you can admire the most beautiful goldsmith creations: these are jewels that are the result of the skill and imagination of their creators and manage to capture the attention of those who love beauty and art. Some of these jewels are made using specific customer instructions that often require a jewel on paper design to render 3D, in order to have a simulation similar to the real before starting the realization of the object.

In addition, the laboratory also deals with a perfect repair of a damaged jewel or just cleaning the jewelry. The services offered range from the embedding of gems, together with their certification, to the threading and eventual modification of necklaces, from the repair of clocks to many other delicate and trustworthy works on all the precious.


  • Creation and sale of jewelry;
  • Realistic design and presentation of the jewel in 3D;
  • Repair, customization, cleaning of precious objects;
  • Customized jewels even with customer's stones;
  • Threading and modification of necklaces;
  • Sale of silver and objects;
  • Silverware refurbishment;
  • Clocks assistance and repair;